Midnight Breeze: Lo-Fi Piano Sample Pack WAV

Midnight Breeze: Lo-Fi Piano Sample Pack WAV

Midnight Breeze: Lo-Fi Piano Sample Pack WAV

Welcome to Midnight Breeze – Lo-Fi Piano!

The ocean is calming the nerves as the light cool breeze pours through the cracks of the studio window. You take a deep breath and then a drink of your warm tea and notice the clock strikes midnight and that tingle goes down your spine. It’s at that very moment you realize it’s time to put in that warm fuzzy Lo-Fi Piano melody, giving the song exactly what it needed.

With Midnight Breeze – Lo-Fi Piano, you will be doing this and so much more! Let the smooth sound of the pianos take over the vibe or inject some nice soothing atmospheres to carry the emotions! Inside this brilliantly crafted pack is also vocal cuts, drum loops and smooth bass shots, giving you all the elements you need to make your latest Lo-Fi Chill or Hip Hop track!

All the piano’s were hand performed and recorded by a live musician that is top of the game. Then they were processed to give you both dusty and dirty or clean and elegant styles for you to choose from. The piano lines were all inspired by Studio Ghibli movie soundtracks and the endless stream of ChilledCow.

So what are you waiting for? Take another sip of that tea and drop in on the beat with Midnight Breeze – Lo-Fi Piano today – or tonight!

Pack contains:

• 66 Clean Pianos
• 66 Dusty Pianos
• 22 Vocal Cuts
• 36 Atmospheres
• 54 Bass One Shots
• 16 Drum Loops

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Demo Preview: