Mixing for Music Producers TUTORIAL

Mixing for Music Producers TUTORIAL

Mixing for Music Producers TUTORIAL

This course is a comprehensive guide to mixing for music producers.

At the end of this course, your tracks will be transformed into radio-ready, commercial quality songs which you can pitch to labels, contests, or simply release for your fans.

I created this course because I wish someone had taught me these principles when I was just getting started producing music. I had spent all of my time learning about synthesizers, recording live instruments, drum programming, and audio unit processing. I had a pretty good knack for making cool sounds and composing songs, but once all of the elements were piled together, more often than not it sounded like a jumbled mess. It was nowhere near the clarity and punch I heard on the radio or professional tracks that I loved.

It was at that point I realized that I needed to develop my mixing skills in order to be a truly good producer.

That’s why I created this course — to save you the trouble and headache I experienced when trying to produce music without a good foundation in the principles of mixing.

This course will take you from a good producer to a great one.

It is true that the roles of mix engineer and producer are different. However, in these days of home recording and DAW-based music production, these roles will often overlap significantly.

In this course I will teach you all of the tools and tricks of professional mix engineers so that you can make your tracks shine with the commercial punch and clarity labels and fans want to hear.

We’ll cover every aspect of mixing including: room acoustics, monitoring, mix preparation, equalization, compression, audio time and pitch editing, automation, plugin processing, return effects, and everything else in between.

Using 45 high definition video lectures, I’ll walk you through the entire process of mixing from exporting your tracks all the way down to the exporting for mastering stage.

We’ll be using Logic Pro X in this course. What if you use a different DAW? Well, this course is all about the theory, practice, and process of mixing. I teach you how to listen to your tracks, what to listen for, and how to creatively solve problems that may come up. Obviously, users of Logic will have a slight advantage since many of the tools we use will most likely be familiar. However, the concepts and techniques apply to every DAW so don’t dismay if you are not a Logic user.

Even if you’re sending off your tracks to a mix engineer, you don’t want him or her to make all of your creative decisions. Being fluent in the language and technique of mixing will make you a vastly better producer.

Sign up for this course today and transform your productions into the commercial quality you’ve been aiming for.

Get your tracks radio-ready with this comprehensive guide to mixing for producers.

What you’ll learn:

  • Mix a song in any genre
  • Export a production session for mixdown
  • Prepare a mix session with naming, organization, and color coding
  • Set up submix routing
  • Achieve a static mix with fader balancing
  • Shape tone with EQ and avoid frequency masking
  • Apply compression for dynamic balance
  • Choose and apply plugins for maximum impact
  • Use automation to create a dynamic mix
  • Prepare a mix for mastering

Who this course is for:

  • Music Producers
  • DJs
  • Songwriters