Mixtank – In Session With… Estiva TUTORIAL

Mixtank - In Session With... Estiva TUTORIAL

Mixtank – In Session With… Estiva TUTORIAL

A regular feature on the release schedules of labels like Armada, Colorize (Enhanced) and Anjuna, Estiva has made a name for himself with stunning club music that combines elements of Progressive House, Melodic Techno and Trance, and is supported by Armin van Buuren, Ruben De Ronde and Above & Beyond. For his debut Mixtank tutorial, Estiva has taken an in-depth look at his recent track ‘Enemies’ which dropped on Colorize (Enhanced) earlier this year. Splitting the course into three sections, Steven will first walk you through the production of the original ‘radio edit’ version of the track, and then in part two you’ll learn how he flips the track on its head and approaches it as a new project to turn it into a dark club mix ready for the dance floor. In part three, Steven shares some of his favourite production secrets and shows you how he gets started writing a track from scratch in the most efficient way possible.

Key Topics Covered:

  • An in-depth insight into producing radio and club tracks
  • How to use the stunning u-he Repro-5 synth
  • How to create your own white noise builds and FX
  • How to master the dark progressive sound
  • How to create lush, complex sounding vocal reverb effects
  • How to layer synths and bass sounds to enrich your productions

Enemies (Radio Edit)
1. Radio Edit Playthrough
2. Bass Layers
3. Drums & Percussion
4. Synths & Leads
5. Vocals
6. Master Channel Reverb

Enemies (Club Mix)
1. Club Mix Playthrough
2. Kick & Bass
3. Synths & Leads
4. Percussion
5. Vocals
6. Mastering Chain

Tips & Tricks
1. Making Plucks With Repro-5
2. White Noise Hi-Hats
3. Melody Variation & Pads
4. Reverse Vocal Reverb

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