Mixtank | The Sound Of… Luuk van Dijk TUTORIAL

Mixtank | The Sound Of... Luuk van Dijk TUTORIAL

Mixtank | The Sound Of… Luuk van Dijk TUTORIAL

Known for his strong basslines, groovy vibe and old skool vision, Luuk van Dijk produces records that hit the sweet spot of any dance floor with clinical precision. Signed to labels like Kaluki, Hot Creations, Do Not Sleep, Deeperfect and Solid Grooves, and at the helm of his own Dark Side Of The Sun label, his music has become a staple part of the melodic deep tech scene and we’re thrilled to welcome him to Mixtank for a huge installment of our ‘The Sound Of…’ series. Clocking in at over two hours, Luuk’s course goes into minute detail across every aspect of his production process – from the setup of his studio itself, to sample digging and the all-important ‘ear candy’. Working from Ableton, Luuk shares some of the unique techniques that have seen his music signed to the industry’s most respected labels, and details transferable skills that you can apply to your own projects.

So, make sure you’re comfy, fetch a coffee and get ready for The Sound Of… Luuk van Dijk.


  • 1. Getting Started In The Studio
  • 2. Drum Loops & Breakbeats
  • 3. Generating Basslines
  • 4. Start Arranging Early On
  • 5. Creating Rhythmic Pads
  • 6. Using A Vocoder On The Pads
  • 7. Aciiid!
  • 8. Mixing The Drums
  • 9. Adding Ear Candy
  • 10. Extra Spice & Vocal Effects
  • 11. Creating Effects
  • 12. Building The Climax
  • 13. DJ Master & Final Thoughts


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