ML Sound Lab Amped Bundle 2022 [WIN]

ML Sound Lab Amped Bundle 2021.9 WIN

ML Sound Lab Amped Bundle 2022 [WIN]

Authentic tube amp sounds on your computer.


  • Amped Ark v1.3.0 – Full high gain and pristine clean tones from the USA.
  • Amped Bass v1.0.4  Bass guitar plugin with instant pro bass tones.
  • Amped Burger v1.0.2 – Two of the angriest sounding German high gain tube amps.
  • Amped CB4 v1.0.4 – Chris Baseford’s (Nickelback, Shinedown, Daughtry) trusted amp that works for any genre.
  • Amped Dual v1.0.0 -The most iconic modern American high gain tube amp.
  • Amped Flagship v1.0.16 – Three hot rodded British voiced tube amps designed in the USA.
  • Amped ML Plexi v1.0.2 – Vintage British guitar amp used by Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Angus Young and Eddie Van Halen.
  • Amped ML5 v1.0.2 – Tight Californian high gain and crunch to glassy pristine cleans.
  • Amped ML800 v1.0.2 -The world’s best known tube amp from the year 1987.
  • Amped Roots v1.3.0 – Four of the best amps from Ryan “Fluff” Bruce’s personal collection. One is 100% free!
  • Amped Stevie T v1.0.2 – Four custom amps designed with Steve “Stevie T” Terreberry. One is 100% free!
  • Amped Super Duper v1.3.0 – A completely new British modern high gain amp.

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