ModeAudio Atlas – Chillwave Loops Sample Pack

ModeAudio Atlas - Chillwave Loops Sample Pack

ModeAudio Atlas – Chillwave Loops Sample Pack

Fusing the lush, Shoegaze-influenced guitar riffs and warm, analog electronics of Chillwave with the dynamism and presence of uptempo live drums, Atlas – Chillwave Loops is overflowing with soaring, organic energy and globe-spanning spirit!

Laying down a weighty 563MB choice of royalty-free music loops, drum samples and MIDI, this serene collection takes in driving drum beats, deep synths and rustling SFX, as well as a whole host of shimmering guitar and bass tones to deliver that mesmeric, blissful vibe of Downtempo and Chill!

Taking the classic Rock line-up of drums, bass and guitar and layering it up with lilting analog synth lines, endless pads and a wash of carefully crafted noise and synth textures, this is one sample pack that expertly embraces the best of both the acoustic and electronic worlds.

203 Music Loops > a raft of sweeping guitar leads, taut, muted licks and gentle riffs leads the charge in this expansive selection of tempo-synched audio loops, taking in a tempo range of 86 to 130 Bpm and also including bass guitar grooves, powerful drum patterns and a wealth of rolling analog pads and synth leads.

The guitar riffs are presented in both FX and dry versions, with the former being carefully recorded through our amp collection and layered in rich reverb and delay.

68 Drum Samples > explosive acoustic drums collide with thick electronic drum machine tones in this palette of percussive flavours, ranging from huge kick drum samples, tight snares and splashy hi hats to deep toms and noisy cymbals.

76 MIDI Files & 69 Tail Samples > Completing the library are 76 key and tempo-labelled MIDI patterns, giving you access to all melodic, harmonic and rhythmic content presented in the main loop folder, and 69 synth and guitar tail samples which can be paired with a parent loop to bring your sound to a smooth, natural, decay.

Find out what the marriage of kinetic live performance and vibrant analog circuitry feels like in your music – download Atlas – Chillwave Loops today!

Pack details:

25 Basses & Bass Guitar Loops
19 Full Drum Loops
44 Top Drum, Percussion & Toms Loops
33 FX Electric Guitar Loops
33 Dry Electric Guitar Loops
49 Synth & SFX Loops
10 Kick Drum Samples
11 Clap & Snare Samples
13 Hi Hat Samples (Closed & Open)
11 Tom Samples
15 Percussion Samples
8 Crash & Reverse Cymbal Samples
69 Synth & Guitar Tail Samples
76 MIDI Loops (Key & Tempo-Labelled)
416 Files In Total
563MB (Unzipped)

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