ModeAudio Cartography – Trip Hop Loops Sample Pack

ModeAudio Cartography - Trip Hop Loops Sample Pack

ModeAudio Cartography – Trip Hop Loops Sample Pack

Your map is scattered with strange markings and enigmatic symbols, but as you part the tall grass and follow the dusty trail it all begins to make sense, the fascination of unearthing a mysterious new landscape growing with every passing second – welcome to the uncharted sonic terrain of Cartography – Trip Hop Loops!

Voyage deep into the heart of this 692MB collection of royalty-free loops, samples and MIDI to uncover mountainous Downtempo drum rhythms, cavernous bass riffs, foggy pad chords, breezy synth leads, misty noise textures and far, far beyond.

This is a place where punchy, smoky Hip Hop grooves oozing low-slung swing collide with woozy, nostalgic analog synths, presenting a mammoth library of 532 audio files for building up hypnotic, head-nodding beats within your DAW in an instant.

199 Music Loops > thick, misty synth pad chords, drifting lead melodies and delay-drenched electric guitars sit atop huge, heavily-swung drum machine patterns and bottomless bass parts in this selection of cryptic audio loops dripping with vintage, analog character.

144 Drum Samples > this bumper choice of thickly layered drum samples is built from our arsenal of rock-solid drum machines and unusual found sound recordings, adding leftfield personality and intrigue to this punchy percussion library.

110 MIDI Files & 79 Synth Tail Samples > gain direct access to every melodic, harmonic and rhythmic secret contained within the main loop folder with this offering of key and tempo-labelled MIDI parts, with 79 synth and guitar tail samples allowing you to bring each loop to a smooth, natural decay.

Follow ancient trails through murky undergrowth to discover a stunning and mysterious new musical landscape – download Cartography – Trip Hop Loops today and let it be your guide!

Pack contains:

30 Bass Synth & Bass Guitar Loops
20 Full Drum Loops
54 Stemmed Drum & Percussion Loops
14 Electric Guitar Loops
14 Vinyl Crackle & Noise Texture Loops
31 Pad Loops
36 Synth Loops (Leads, Chords & Riffs)
30 Kick Samples
25 Snare Samples
36 Hi Hat Samples (Open & Closed)
53 Percussion & Cymbal Samples (Toms, Shakers & Found Sounds)
199 Music Loops (80 – 108 Bpm)
144 Drum Samples
110 MIDI Loops (Key & Tempo-Labelled)
79 Synth Tail Samples
532 Files In Total
692MB (unzipped)

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