ModeAudio Interference Glitch Drum Samples WAV

ModeAudio Interference  Glitch Drum Samples WAV

ModeAudio Interference Glitch Drum Samples WAV

Frayed wires snake across the cutting-room floor; circuits have been hacked; chips bent out of shape. Stand well back and watch the sparks fly as our brand new sound pack launches itself into motion – welcome to the silken, circuit-bent sound of Interference – Glitch Drum Samples!

We’ve fired up our trusty, vintage Synthi A and arsenal of classic drum machines, fusing their output with a cacophonous array of glitch-bent electronics to bring you this royalty-free collection of 314 softly explosive percussion samples.

Rich with bottom-end thump, raw crackle and helpings of fuzz on top, this plucky drum sample palette has the razor-sharp edge to cut through your mix and the restraint to gel seamlessly with the other instruments in your session.

From propulsive kicks, spiky snares and scattering hi hats, through to caustic claps, subtle shakers, frazzled rims, deep toms and beyond, this percussion library carefully blends the aggressive, attention-grabbing character of haywire electronics with the smooth, satisfyingly resonant sound of analog drums.

As with all our drum libraries, we’ve crafted 15 drum kit sampler patches for your favourite DAW, allowing you to drop your freshest beat the instant after download.

Rounding out the set are 5 channel strip presets, bringing you the ability to draw out a range of exciting sonic characteristics from your drums quickly, easily and flexibly.

Plug your percussion into this sparking motor and prepare for detonation – electrify your music today with Interference – Glitch Drum Samples!

Pack contains:

72 Kick Samples
50 Snare Samples
75 Hi Hat Samples (Open & Closed)
40 Clap Samples
19 Shaker Samples
10 Crash Samples
10 Rim Samples
10 Tom Samples
28 Percussion Samples
15 Drum Kit Sampler Patches
5 Channel Strip Settings
314 Drum Samples In Total

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