ModeAudio Omega Station – Trip Hop Loops WAV MIDI

ModeAudio Omega Station - Trip Hop LoopsWAV MIDI

ModeAudio Omega Station – Trip Hop LoopsWAV MIDI

Lost in thick forest, you don’t know which way to turn through the hot, dense mist…suddenly the haze clears and you notice a towering wall, crumbling and worn, with a huge symbol sprayed across it in faded black paint – welcome to the strange world of Omega Station – Trip Hop Loops, where nothing is quite as it seems!

Our latest royalty-free sound pack is bursting at the seams with 573MB of conspiratorial synths, bass and drum loops, combining the dark atmosphere and monumental beats of Trip Hop with the lilting electronics of analog synths and hardware.

Fight your way inside this crumbling relic to mysterious experiments from a forgotten era and you’ll discover warm synth melodics laced with deep pads echoing all around you, as menacing basslines and saturated drum rhythms spiral beneath!

138 Music Loops > quaking, sub-heavy basslines, meandering synth leads, foggy pads, atmospheric keys and hard-hitting drum rhythms sit alongside flashes of partially-obscured vocals, trippy SFX and washes of ambient noise.

77 Drum Samples > crunchy kicks, fizzling snares, chunky hi hats and crisp clap samples are joined by propulsive sweeps and percussion in this selection of heavyweight, sampler-ready drum hits.

58 MIDI Loops > the melodic elements from the main loop collection are presented as MIDI files also, offering you direct access to all basslines, chord progressions and melodies contained in the pack, perfect for developing into your own synth lines.

54 Synth Tail Samples > this palette of synth tail samples allows you to bring your chosen loop to a smooth, natural decay, by placing the tail of the same name directly after the given loop in your DAW arrangement.

Learn the shadowy synth secrets of this abandoned laboratory of sound – discover the truth and download Omega Station – Trip Hop Loops today!

Pack contains:

19 Bass Loops
51 Drum & Percussion Loops
22 Keys & Piano Loops
29 Synth Loops (Leads & Pads)
17 Vox & SFX Loops
13 Kick Samples
17 Clap & Snare Samples
15 Hi Hat Samples
32 Percussion & SFX Samples
54 Synth Tail Samples
58 MIDI Loops (Key & Tempo-Labelled)
327 Files in Total
573MB (unzipped)

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