ModeAudio Outrun – Synthwave Loops Sample Pack WAV

ModeAudio Outrun – Synthwave Loops Sample Pack WAV

The engine purrs into life as you watch steam rise up from your supercar’s hood, the burning red eyes of twin headlights flooding the dark air with light and expectation – join us on the musical joyride of your life through neon-lit streets and smouldering cityscapes with our latest release, Outrun – Synthwave Loops!

Our latest retro synth explosion clocks in at a blistering 528MB of royalty-free synth, bass and drum ecstasy, blasting 199 music loops, 86 drum samples and 123 MIDI files straight into your private sample stash.

Unleashing our vault of vintage analog synths, drum machines and other instrumental delights upon proceedings, this hyperdriven sonic selection packs all the punch, power and irresistible character of your favourite retro gear.

Pair that up with our deep love for all things Retrowave and you’ve got the recipe for one electrifying, nostalgia-swamped sample pack smash!

199 Music Loops > a bumper choice of turbocharged synth leads, chords, basses, electric guitar riffs, SFX and drum loops awaits you in our collection of expertly performed audio loops, ranging from 90 to 130Bpm and dripping in retro character and vibe.

86 Drum Samples > this bulging collection of classic drum machine power takes in thundering kick samples, gritty snares, slicing hi hats, booming toms and punchy percussion, everything you’ll need to get cooking race-ready Synthwave beats in nano-seconds.

123 MIDI Files & 78 Synth Tail Samples > all melodic, harmonic and rhythmic content contained in the audio loops is available for direct editing within your DAW via 123 key and tempo-labelled MIDI loops, with 78 synth tail samples also allowing you to bring those long-decay sounds to a smooth, natural finish.

Take the wheel and race your next production straight into a dark cyberspace fantasy – grab your keys and download Outrun – Synthwave Loops now!

Pack contains:

27 Bass Loops
21 Full Drum Loops
60 Top Drum, Percussion & Tom Loops
10 Electric Guitar Loops
60 Synth Loops (Arps, Pads, Chords & Synth Leads)
21 SFX Loops (Textures, Risers & Sweeps)
13 Kick Drum Samples
15 Snare Samples
16 Hi Hat Samples (Open & Closed)
21 Tom Samples
15 Percussion Samples
6 Sweep & Explosion SFX Samples
199 Music Loops
86 Drum Samples
123 MIDI Loops (Key & Tempo-Labelled)
78 Synth Tail Samples
486 Files In Total
528MB (unzipped)

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