ModeAudio Toybox – Found Percussion Samples WAV

ModeAudio Toybox - Found Percussion Samples WAV

ModeAudio Toybox – Found Percussion Samples WAV

Energise and revitalise your beats with all the multi-coloured fun of the biggest box of toys in the store – introducing our latest sample pack destined to send your rhythms rocketing in directions you never expected, Toybox – Found Percussion Samples!

Squeezing 303 full-flavour toy drum samples into one over-stuffed percussive treasure chest, this royalty-free selection of vibrant found sound is as capable of bringing a smile to your face as it is to get your head nodding and feet moving!

This unique and unusual choice of percussive power takes in a dizzying array of toy and miniature instrumental sound sources, from tiny tambourines, plastic shakers and squeezed soft toys, to sleigh bells, wooden rattles, toy drums, bells, building blocks and even toy kitchen utensils.

Every single sample has been meticulously recorded, edited and deftly processed to deliver an unexpectedly versatile set of drum and percussion sounds that will bring precision and revelry to whatever genre you try them in, from House and Techno to Hip Hop, Trap and beyond.

303 Percussion Samples > a rich and varied collection of intricate taps, trickles, rattles, shakes, squawks and scrunches, complemented by toy drum machine sounds and 60 samples layering the toy percussion with thumping drum machine samples.

10 Percussion Kits > we’ve pre-arranged and mixed a handy helping of production-ready percussion kits for the major DAW sampler formats, giving you instant access to all the sampling fun for beatmaking on the fly.

5 Channel Strips > rounding out the pack are 5 channel strip settings, providing quick, transformative processing options to bolster your drum sound or twist it into new and surprising shapes.

Bring back the fun and festivity to your drum programming – it’s time to play with Toybox – Found Percussion Samples!

Pack contains:

36 Toy Drum Samples
49 Metal Toy Samples
60 Mixed Drum Samples (layered with drum machine samples)
62 Plastic Toy Samples
27 Soft Toy Samples
26 Toy Kitchen Samples
43 Wooden Toy Samples
10 Drum Kit Sampler Patches
5 Channel Strip Settings (Drum Processing)
318 Files In Total

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