ModeAudio Vapour Drum Samples WAV

ModeAudio Vapour Drum Samples WAV

ModeAudio Vapour Drum Samples WAV

Bursting with the deep punch of classic analog drum machine circuitry and veiled in the smoky atmosphere of richly textural field recordings, Vapour – Drum Samples delivers 340 effortlessly versatile, powerful and unconventional percussive impacts for your next rhythm!

This royalty-free percussive powerhouse throws new light on the sound of vintage hardware, by carefully layering retro drum hits with the subtle ambience of field recordings, the grit of granular synthesis and unpredictability of circuit-bending to produce a distinctly characterful and usable drum sample selection.

Sift through this dense sonic collection and you’ll uncover 75 quaking, explosive kicks, 73 cracking snares, 42 stinging claps and 30 bellowing toms, alongside 75 rustling hi hats, 15 crisp rims, 15 rasping shakers and 15 shimmeringly resonant crashes.

With the entire sound set run through our bespoke signal processing chain cloaked with the warmth of tube-style saturation, these drum samples will slice through any mix and bring their own dusty personality to your beatmaking, no matter the genre.

As with all our drum sample libraries, we’ve included a handy batch of 15 pre-mixed and matched drum kit sampler presets for your favourite DAW. These kits allow you to start building your next rhythm moments after download, with an additional 5 custom channel strip settings providing you with instant modulation options.

From the silvery mists of a forest at dawn to the endless rumble of the city’s night-scape, introduce some atmosphere into your next drum pattern – download Vapour – Drum Samples now!

Pack contains:

75 Kick Samples
73 Snare Samples
75 Hi Hat Samples (Open & Closed)
42 Clap Samples
30 Tom Samples
15 Rim Samples
15 Shaker Samples
15 Crash Cymbal Samples
15 Drum Kit Sampler Patches
5 Channel Strip Settings
340 Drum Samples in Total

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