Mr. Bill & Bellsworth – Hymnal March Of The Electroslugs (Ableton Live Project)

Mr. Bill & Bellsworth – Hymnal March Of The Electroslugs (Ableton Live Project)

This is Mr. Bill & Bellsworth – Hymnal March Of The Electroslugs from Warpball, which is a 20-track space/quantum-themed compilation by Outtallectuals music label, curated as the soundtrack of a video-game of the same name by developers, Unruly Attraction. The album features many artists from the neuro, psychedelic and glitch-hop realms of electronic music and all songs on the album have been conceived to fit the digital vibe of the game, with a special focus on a healthy balance of groove and experimentality.

This session got passed back & fourth between Bellsworth & I so many times that at this stage, it’s mostly printed audio. However, a lot of it would’ve been audio anyway due to the nature of the sound-design, for example the Main Bass on Channel 11ö was generated using my Moog Mother 32, so that had to be audio reagardless.

Because my aim is to make these project files as deep & educational as possible (for those willing to go in on them), I’m adding a bunch of new groups to the bottom of this one (to remedy the fact that most of this session is printed audio). These channels all have the prefix Extras & are colored black & turned off. Hopefully these extra channels will give you a better idea as to how some of these sounds were generated before being printed & gives the session more educational value.

As always there’s a Pro-L on the master that I can’t freeze & refuse to replace adding 7.4dB of gain, if you’d like to use the Ableton Limiter for this because you don’t have Pro-L û go nuts!

Plug-ins Used (Frozen)

· FabFilter û Pro-Q 2
· Izotope û Alloy 2
· Valhalla DSP û Valhalla Room
· Xfer Records û Serum
· Native Instruments û Kontakt 5
· Native Instruments û Massive
· FabFilter û Pro-L


Demo Preview:

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