Music In Video Editing TUTORIAL

Music In Video Editing TUTORIAL

Music In Video Editing TUTORIAL

Let’s face it, endlessly scrolling through YouTube tutorials trying to learn how to cut songs for your edits is exhausting. We both know it’s taking up too much effort and time.

That is why I have created a DaVinci Resolve Music in Video Editing course made from real-life examples.

In this course you will learn all the steps and professional methodology I take when I’m doing music editing for a client:

  • Music Theory for Video Editors
  • The Importance of Music Platforms, Genres and Length
  • Professional Music Editing Methodology
  • How to Analyze a Song
  • How to Cut Songs to a Preferred Length
  • How to Cut Songs Seamlessly
  • Access to Music Audio files for Practice

This course is included as a Music in Video Editing module in my Video Editing in DaVinci Resolve – From Beginner to PRO.

What you’ll learn:

  • Music theory: platforms, genres, length
  • Understand and learn the basics of music in video editing
  • How to adjust song to a preferred length
  • How to cut songs seamlessly
  • Feel comfortable using all the sound and music tools in any video editing software
  • Practice sound design with high quality music