Myloops Adam Ellis Trance Production Tutorials #6 – Bass TUTORIAL

Myloops Adam Ellis Trance Production Tutorials #6 - Bass TUTORIAL

Myloops Adam Ellis Trance Production Tutorials #6 Bass
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This is the sixth episode in a 12 part series of tutorial videos dedicated to Trance Music Production. This series will cover every aspect of music production (apart from Mastering) and will continually develop your skills when applied correctly. Episode 1 (Starting Template) is available here, Episode 2 (Structure) here, Episode 3 (Groove) here, Episode 4 (Atmosphere) here and Episode 5 (FX) here.

Episode 6 starts off where the previous episode ended. We now want to learn how to make an amazing bassline for your production. Basslines are one of the hardest things to get right in trance music production. It’s always been one of the parts of making trance that beginners and even professionals usually struggle with. Basslines (along with the kick) being the foundation of your trance tracks, achieving a good bassline is how you make your tracks sound good and full.

This tutorial is for artists who want to work faster and improve their sound at the same time. It’s aimed at Logic Pro X users, but the tricks you will learn can also be applied in other DAWs.


In this 87 minute long video, Adam will show you :

•Learn how to build a full pro sounding bassline for uplifting trance / driving trance
•Find out how doing the sub bass first allows for better fit / match with the kick
•Learn how to make the basslines fit / gel with the kick
•Trimming your bass notes to leave more place in the mix
•EQing each part of your bassline separately (low pass, hi pass, surgical EQ settings)
•How to avoid your kick and sub bass colliding
•Using Waves RBass to fatten up the sub bass
•Getting the right sub bass presence for the club
•Sub Bass Sylenth1 preset included
•Making your bass as loud as possible without losing the power of the kick
•Using specific patterns for various parts of the bass
•Using side-chaining to clean up the mix & give a pumping effect to the bass section
•Using note velocity to give a rhythm to your patterns
•Giving each bass layer its own space in the mix
•Automating bassline parts (filters, etc.) to transition between track sections
•and much more !

You can watch this video and prepare your own trance bass section based on Adam’s suggestions in Logic Pro X.


•The video tutorial (87 minutes long , 1080p quality, in english)
•The Logic Pro X session created by Adam Ellis in his tutorial.
•DISCLAIMER : Please note that some of the audio samples used in the tutorial are copyrighted to 3rd parties and are not included with the project file.