Myloops Adam Ellis Trance Production Tutorials #3 – Groove TUTORIAL

Myloops Adam Ellis Trance Production Tutorials #3 - Groove TUTORIAL

Myloops Adam Ellis Trance Production Tutorials #3 – Groove TUTORIAL
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This is the third episode in a 12 part series of tutorial videos dedicated to Trance Music Production. This series will cover every aspect of music production (apart from Mastering) and will continually develop your skills when applied correctly. Episode 1 (Starting Template) is available here, and Episode 2 (Structure) here.

Episode 3 starts off where the previous episode ended. We have our basic “starting template” done, as well as an overall structure and arrangement sections in place, and we now want to create our groove consisting of kick, drums, percussions, etc. What should we use ? Where should different elements go ? How to make it sound clean, energetic and professional at the same time ? In this episode, you’ll also find out how the work done in Episodes 1 and 2 (essentially preparing all the channels and busses) will prove extremely useful for building the actual groove.


This tutorial is for artists who want to work faster and improve their sound at the same time. It’s aimed at Logic Pro X users, but the tricks you will learn can also be applied in other DAWs.


In this 65 minute long video, Adam will show you :

How to put together a complete solid trance groove
Using the kick drum as a basis for your groove elements to bounce off from
Using sampler instances and your MIDI keyboard to build the drum lines
Making correct use of claps, closed & open hats, rides, shakers, percussion & hits in your track
Basic EQ and rules and settings for groove elements
Making the groove elements progress throughout the arrangement
How to use panning and stereo imager on the drum elements for larger sounding tracks
Using delay & reverb, bitcrusher to make drum elements more interesting
Using percussion loops to finish off your groove
Chopping up percussion using audio
Cleaning up your mix by cutting any unwanted frequencies
Filtering in / out percussion elements to build the arrangement

You can watch this video and prepare your own trance groove based on Adam’s suggestions in Logic Pro X.


– The video tutorial (65 minutes long , 1080p quality, in english)