Neurofusion – Bass, Funk, Glitch Sample Pack

Neurofusion - Bass, Funk, Glitch Sample Pack WAV MIDI

Neurofusion – Bass, Funk, Glitch Sample Pack

Intricate bass design, bouncy swung drums, and funk-filled harmonies make this pack a great grab for any producers looking to up their Neuro related knowledge.

When digging into Neurofusion, a great place to start is in the vast collection of music loops. The 68 bass, melody, and chord loops have been carefully crafted by our team of seasoned producers. Flicking through the bass loops folder you will find Neuro wubs and sculpted distortion. As well as crackling nuances that that give the loops extra character. These samples are perfect for throwing right into a song, resampling, or learning the ins-and-outs of bass design. The funky nature of the chord loops compliments the bass loops perfectly. The progressions strike the ideal balance between glitchy and smooth. Let the pitch glides and future stabs of these chord loops help inspire your next banger. Lastly, don’t miss out on all the gold packed in the melody folder. The inimitable sound design and wonky melodies are a vital tool for any producer looking to add some spice to their Neuro productions.

It can be a great challenge to find drums that punch through the mix like Koan Sound or other Neuro legends. But the drum loops in Neurofusion are hard hitting. The drum loops folder is filled with booming kicks, tight punchy snares, and warm grooving percussion. Straying away from sterile quantisation, the rhythms showcase stylised idiosyncrasies that pump life into the loops. If you prefer to build your own drum section from scratch, simply dig through the drum hits folder to find an abundance of useful sounds.

The SFX folder brings a treasure trove of delightful extras. Ranging from bass glitches and field recordings, to lush pads and vocal stabs. This folder is a great place to dig for a bit of left-field inspiration.

Touching on an ever growing genre, Neurofusion manages to provide a snapshot of the current Neuro scene. This pack is a contemporary tool ideal for any producer looking to make Neuro bangers.

Pack details:

120 Drum Hits
20 Drum Loops
20 Perc Loops
20 Extra Perc Loops
21 Bass Loops
24 Chords
22 Melodics
20 Song Starter
40 musical one shots
29 SFX
Tempo 90, 130, 140, 150
Download size – 78MB
Instant download & royalty free
All samples are key & BPM labelled for ease of use

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