nu.wav Wav Exploration: Ambient Palettes

nu.wav Wav Exploration: Ambient Palettes

Nu.Wav Wav Exploration Ambient Palettes WAV

Wav Exploration: Ambient Palettes presents a collection of sounds that are meditative and engulfing. Drawn both from heavily-processed pure waveforms and instruments treated with more extreme processing, this experimental pack invites producers to lean into their explorative side, featuring a diverse palette of harmonic and textural loops. Enter a new creative space with these enveloping synths, huge guitars, and evolving percussive grooves.

nu.wav is a NYC-based sound design house with a specialty for crafting forward-thinking yet industry-friendly samples and textures. With a diverse roster of musicians, vocalists, producers and sound designers on staff, nu.wav is your secret weapon whenever you’re ready to break new sonic ground.


• 93 Loops
• 59 One Shots


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