Origin Sound Hip Hop Haze Essential Crates And Breaks WAV MiDi

Origin Sound Hip Hop Haze Essential Crates And Breaks WAV MiDi

Origin Sound Hip Hop Haze Essential Crates And Breaks WAV MiDi

Size:580 MB

Origin Sound proudly presents Hip Hop Haze, one of our biggest packs to date, coming with crackly samples reminiscent towards the glorious vinyl era, with an overall sonic aesthetic that aligns with contemporary Hip Hop production.

Continuing from the popularity of Vintage Soul, Vinyl Era, and Dusty Beats, Hip Hop Haze aims to provide you with a wealth of musical stack samples that are ready to be chucked into a sampler to be chopped up, much like the common techniques used in Hip Hop when it was first spawned.

Additionally we’ve split the stacks up into their individual elements, for those who wish to edit with more detail, expect to come across elements such as soulful electric bass licks, dusty warped sax melodies, reversed synth melodies, and a ton more.

Firmly providing the foundations for Hip Hop Haze is of course, the drums. This library is filled with a monumental 120 characterful individual drum hits.

Additionally for those who want quick inspiration when chopping together their beats, 30 drum loops with a variety of grooves are included, along with respective stem bounces which allows simple interchangeability between the grooves on offer.

For the final layer of detail for your productions, Hip Hop Haze comes armed with 42 varied SFX, ranging from vinyl crackles, warped musical FX, and much more, adding that extra layer of depth to your track, taking the overall sonic aesthetic to a convincing environment.

Hip Hop Haze is an essential library for any Hip Hop/Beat producer, filled with inspiring loops that are bound to spark your creativity and use as the building blocks for your next innovative track.

 Product Specifications 
• Format: (.WAVs) & (.MIDIs)
• 120 x Dusty Drum Hits -(30 x Kicks, 30 x Percussions, 30 x Snares, 30 x Tops)
• 030 x Groovy Drum Loops – (Full Bounces And Stem Bounces)
• 020 x (Bonus): Extra Percussion Loops
• 040 x Authentic SFX
• 020 x Rich Musical Stack Loops
• 091 x Versatile Synth/Bass (One-Shots) – (30 x Bass, 61 x Synth)
• 020 x Warm Bass Loops – (Including: 9 x MIDIs Files)
• 027 x Smooth Chord Loops – (Including: 15 x MIDIs Files)
• 034 x Gliding Melody Loops – (Including: 20 x MIDIs Files)
• 472 x Individual (.WAVs) Files
• 044 x Individual (.MIDIs) Files
• 516 x Files In Total
• Key And Tempo-Labelled
• 44.1kHz 24-Bit High Quality
• Compatible With All DAWs
• PC & Mac Compatible
• Royalty-Free




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