“Osaka Nights” Sample Pack by Jordon Lumley WAV

“Osaka Nights” Sample Pack by Jordon Lumley WAV

In this “Osaka Nights” Sample Pack Jordon Lumley introduce various samples and loops perfect for making Yung Lean, Sabino and SCARLXRD type beats.
The Osaka Nights Sample Kit takes you on a journey to urban Japan with night’s sky stars, street lamps, and neon signs. The ambiance of a cyberpunk city fills the atmospheric loops included in this kit. As a result, they are perfect for creating Chillwave, Dream pop, and Lofi Hip-Hop beats.

Samples featured in this kit were recorded using various instruments while maintaining the same dreamy tone throughout the pack. The loops draw inspiration from the works of such artists as Yung Lean, Cloud Rap and Yung Sherman. There are chiming bells, airy pads, resonating basses and piercing leads – all at your disposal for use in your own chill compositions. So the kit has loops that fit perfectly together grouped in folders alongside with examples where they are laid out, mixed and mastered to create a full sounding short track using just the available samples.

What’s Inside:

  • 14 sets of samples;
  • 3-6 various instrument parts in each set;
  • Each set’s samples mastered together;
  • Catchy melodies;
  • Spaced out harmonies

Jordon Lumley, the creator of this kit, is a music producer based in Jacksonville, Florida. He has produced tracks for various hip-hop artists, such as SCARLXRD, Nate DAE, and Sabino.