Patchbanks Slow-Mo Drum Breaks AIFF

Patchbanks Slow-Mo Drum Breaks AIFF

Patchbanks Slow-Mo Drum Breaks AIFF

Original collection of 45 live drum loops recorded in lower tempos. This is a must have for vintage breaks lovers.

Inspired by rare vinyl records and legendary soul drummers: This arsenal collection offers an exclusive playlist of 45 downtempo drumming styles sourced from an archive of live session recordings.

The rhythm styles cover a range of genres from the vintage era, including soul, funk, motown, rare groove and soundtrack music to name a few. In addition, we’ve included some extra slow rhythms for a modern twist. The drum recordings were recorded at various vintage studios and mastered with hard settings through class-A analog circuitry for that big stereo panoramic sound.

Pack Specifications:

•Rating: Pro
•Label: Patchbanks
•Release Version: Original
•Genre: Vintage • Breaks
•Related Genres: Hip Hop, Soul, Funk
•Audio Format: Loop
•Compositions: N/A
•File Format: 24bit Aiff
•Recording Sources: Acoustic
•Audio Channels: Stereo
•BPM Range: 52-83bpm
•Performance Style: Drumming, Swing, Shuffle
•Instrument List: Acoustic Drums
•Content List: 45 mixed stereo audio files

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