Push Button Bang EDM Drop Vocals 2 WAV

Push Button Bang EDM Drop Vocals 2 WAV

Push Button Bang EDM Drop Vocals 2 WAV

Push button bang presents EDM DROP VOCALS 2!

Another absolutely HUGE collection of DROP PHRASES , BIG SCREAMS AND SHOUTS, PLUS ALL MANNER OF EDM VOCAL EXCLAMATIONS. If you got the first collection you know exactly what to expect, an absolutely dazzling array of 700 EXPLOSIVE VOCAL PHRASES AND SHOUTS, all designed to give your track a unique identity.

These vocals are perfect of all styles of energetic EDM, breaks and electronica, from house, electro, dubstep, trap to drum and bass and hardstyle. Drawing inspiration from popular culture, horror, sci-fi and deep poetry and prose, this insane collection is expertly crafted to detonate at the crucial moments in your tracks, adding vocal excitement, urgency and energy.

This second MASSIVE HIGH OCTANE collection includes:Deep pitched low vocals, dark horror hooks and phrases, energy exclamations and calls to movement, conceptual drop phrases, monster screams, group crowd cheers and shouts, sci fi exclamations, lots of drop and bass phrase exclamations, vocal fx plus a whole lot more. This instalment also features a wide selection of one of the most effective VOCAL SHOUTS used in EDM….the WHOO/WOOO/WHOA Shout!

You’ll find an invaluable selection of male and female INDIVIDUAL WOOS, GROUP WOOS and BIG END BAR WOOO SNARES. These really help give a sequence energy and you’ll find they fit perfectly with your beats in seconds, giving them that much needed vocal touch.

All the sounds are from private recordings or creative commons sources, which have been hand picked for the vocal concept, then professionally processed and mastered, with all being fully cleared for commercial use. Arranged into a simple, intuitive folder structure with files named to enable you to find what you want fast.

The overall feel of the content is high octane, in your face and guaranteed add vocal excitement to your tracks time and time again. Everything is jam packed full of character, relevant, rampant and very different from normal vocal packs. Push Button Bang invites you to download, enjoy and give your tracks EVEN MORE TO SHOUT ABOUT.

Please note, this demo song contains other sounds not included in the pack and are for demonstration purposes only.


  • 24 Bit Quality
  • 700 Wav Sounds
  • 35 Female Screams
  • 25 Female Words
  • 127 Male Phrases
  • 40 Male Shouts
  • 52 Woo Group Shouts
  • 35 Woo Impact Snares
  • 120 Female Phrases
  • 44 Female Shouts
  • 18 Group Shouts
  • 66 Male Screams
  • 52 Male Words
  • 54 Woo Individual Shouts
  • 30 Vox FX


Demo Preview: