PVLACE Loop Kit Vol. 7 WAV

PVLACE Loop Kit Vol. 7 WAV

24 Loops + Private Mail for Placements

All PVLACE loops are NOT Royalty Free.
Placements with major artists and or major labels
must be cleared contact [email protected]

Included files:

Alte Erde 133BPM pvlace.wav
Blumen 140BPM pvlace.wav
Die Nacht 130bpm pvlace.wav
Dreieck 144BPM pvlace.wav
Drogendeal 130BPM pvlace.wav
Fackel 150BPM pvlace.wav
Fast Fertig 160bpm pvlace.wav
Freimaurer 151BPM pvlace.wav
Honigcalcit 140BPM pvlace.wav
Leere Hallen 130BPM pvlace.wav
Legendaer 127BPM pvlace.wav
Melanie 150BPM pvlace.wav
Mitternacht 125BPM pvlace.wav
Neon 140BPM pvlace.wav
Orakel 148BPM pvlace.wav
Schmelzen 150BPM pvlace.wav
Schneeweiss 154BPM pvlace.wav
Schweben 150BPM pvlace.wav
Spiegelkraft 140BPM pvlace.wav
Sprung 140BPM pvlace.wav
Stilles Wasser 150BPM pvlace.wav
Totenkoepfe 150BPM pvlace.wav
Verlust 140BPM pvlace.wav
Weisser Korridor 140BPM pvlace.wav