RARE Percussion Steelpan Concepts Vol.2 WAV

RARE Percussion Steelpan Concepts Vol. 2 WAV

Rare Percussion is back with “Steelpan Concepts Volume 2” featuring new unique melodic ideas designed to inspire. Including a selection of stabs and melodic phrases in both loop and one-shot formats, various keys and tempos are represented to offer true chromatic versatility.

The Steelpan, hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, is a unique pitched percussion instrument with a heavenly sparkle and rich resonance. As one of the more recently invented percussion instruments, it’s usefulness across different genres is only now being explored.

The subtleness of beautifully crafted Double Second Steelpans was captured in great detail with Beyerdynamic Ribbon and Neumann large diaphragm condenser microphones. Additional saturation and vibe were imparted via classic Universal Audio LA-610 tube preamps. As with all the Rare Percussion offerings, be prepared for new ideas and exciting deviations from your average sample packs.

RARE percussion is an accumulation of melodic and rhythmic global instruments curated for today’s music creator. Using new techniques, concepts, and never before sampled instruments, RARE is all you need for inspiration and high creativity in your music.



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