reFX NEXUS Expansion – Hollywood Piano

reFX NEXUS Expansion - Hollywood Piano

reFX NEXUS Expansion – Hollywood Piano

Top-notch Piano

Have you been looking for the best piano samples around? Look no further! Hollywood Piano offers a vast and truly gigantic multisample library of some of the best modern grand piano sounds available.

All of these best-in-class pianos were painstakingly recorded with countless velocity zones by Manuel Schleis himself, with state-of-the-art recording equipment, and a lot of care, time, and love.

Enjoy the finest nuances in touch and action with Hollywood Piano, including organic pedal noises when using the sustain pedal. A variety of unique macro assignments will also empower you to tweak sounds precisely to meet your needs.

With this expansion, you will finally own that warm and rich “Hollywood” piano sound!

Please note this massive expansion pack contains 32 presets and requires 2.4 GB of hard drive space. Before conversion and data-compression, it was over 5,000 individual recordings that took over 20 GB of HDD space.

XP Hollywood Piano 32 presets

  • ARA Welcome
  • ARBassline Petto
  • ARFairytales
  • ARInterlude
  • ARMagic 4 Chords
  • ARPiano Bows
  • ARPrelude
  • ARRavers Pope
  • CHPiano Orch-Hit
  • FXReversals
  • FXReversed Synced
  • LDDancepiano 2k21
  • LDMega 80s Rompler Stack 1
  • LDMega 80s Rompler Stack 2
  • PDCloudiano
  • PDPiano Paddings
  • PNCinematic Rinse
  • PNDance-Pop Piano 1 2Vel
  • PNDance-Pop Piano 2 2Vel
  • PNDance-Pop Piano 3 2Vel
  • PNGrand Ambience
  • PNIsolation
  • PNLost in Trance
  • PNPop Piano 80s
  • PNPop Piano Balanced
  • PNSteinway & Sons B-211 ECO Pop 2Vel
  • PNSteinway & Sons B-211 Master 13Vel
  • PNSteinway & Sons D-274 ECO Pop 2Vel
  • PNSteinway & Sons D-274 Master 6Vel
  • PNYamaha C3 Grand Master 23Vel
  • PNYamaha C7 Grand ECO 3Vel
  • PNYamaha C7 Grand Master 3Vel 5RR

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