Revealed Drums Vol.1 WAV

Revealed Drums Vol.1 WAV

Revealed Drums Vol.1 WAV

Revealed Drums Vol. 1 is our premiere collection of drum sounds to get the signature Revealed sound. Featuring 325 signature drum element sounds within 9 categories, you’ll find a whole array of toms, snares, kicks, claps, rides, shakers, hihats, crashes, and percussion.

The percussion section is sourced from a variety of regional and ethnic origins to give you a broad selection of tones to work with in a wide range of musical styles. This section was designed to give you an authentic and original sound to your tracks.

To enhance your workflow, all samples are labeled by their root key, if a discernible pitch was defined. Revealed Drums Vol. 1 is an essential weapon for any Revealed producer’s creative arsenal.

Revealed Drums Vol. 1 – Details

CLAPS [25 samples]
CRASHES [10 samples]
HIHATS [50 samples]
Open Hihats [25 samples]
Closed Hihats [25 samples]
KICKS [35 samples]
PERCUSSION [80 samples]
RIDES [20 samples]
SHAKERS [20 samples]
SNARES [50 samples]
TOMS [35 samples]

325 samples
Library is sorted within multiple categories for easy navigation
All sounds with discernible pitch labeled with exact Key

Format(s): 48Khz / 24Bit Stereo PCM .wav files

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