Zenhiser Rewind WAV MIDI

Zenhiser Rewind WAV MIDI

Zenhiser Rewind WAV MIDI

Introducing an unbelievable collection of sounds from the 80’s, “Rewind” explores a decade that churned out hit after hit, whilst creating Synthwave, Retrowave and Chillwave. With an underlying love for the 80’s here at Zenhiser our knees shook when we heard the amount of intricate melodies, loops and one shots this sample pack offered. It really is a sample pack of whopping range and scope.

Within the collection of epic 80’s samples you’ll find analogue synth workouts, chunky basslines, drum machine fuelled beats, analogue one shots, legendary midi and interstellar fx. Reminiscent of pioneers including Jean Michel Jarre, Gary Numan, Vangelis, Phil Collins and John Carpenter, this treasure trove takes elements from our favourite decade and combines them with influences of todays artists including Perturbator, Timecop1983, Anoraak & Kavinsky. This cacophony of styles delivers something for every 80’s inspired producer, whether you’re motivated by 1980’s soundtracks, video games, pop music or shoe gazing.

“Rewind” is an awakening for new producers and stimulation for originators of the 80’s.

Drum Hits – 01 Kicks – 25
Drum Hits – 02 Snares – 15
Drum Hits – 03 Toms – 25
Drum Hits – 04 Percussion – 35
Loops – Basslines – 66
Loops – Drum Beats – 150
Loops – Full Mix – 50
Loops – Synth & Instrument – 306
Loops – Midi – 50
One Shots – Bass Hits – 12
One Shots – Chrod Hits – 38
One Shots – FX – 06
One Shots – Pads Hits – 24
One Shots – Synth Hits – 24

Total Samples – 777
Total Midi – 50
Total Presets – 0
Tempo – 82bpm – 150bpm
Key Info – Yes
Audio – 24-Bit Wav
Unzip Size – 4.0GB
Zip Size – 3.4GB


Demo Preview: