Samplephonics Hip Hop Bundle

Samplephonics Hip Hop Bundle

Samplephonics Hip Hop Bundle
2.59 GB

This sample pack bundle features and astounding selection of sounds including full fat Hip Hop drum breaks, Instrument stabs, dusty keys and piano loops, live and synth basslines, mellow guitar loops, spacey pads and melodic synth loops.


This collection of loops, samples and one shots contains a hand picked collection of sounds from the Dusty Hip Hop Grooves, Classsic Hip Hop Cuts, Intergalactic Robot Orchestra, Hashfinger’s Hot Boxed Beats and Edison’s Beat Tapes sample libraries. All sounds are 100% royalty free and available to download instantly.


Massive collection of Hip Hop samples
Extenisve package of drums, music loops and one shots
Live guitars, bass, keys, percussion and more!
Over 50% off the retail price
Multiple file formats and sampler instruments

4.14GB (Wav format)
Contains 5 full sample packs

Dusty Hip Hop Grooves

Raw, uncut, authentic crate diggin’ hip hop in all of its lo-fi dusty splendour! A melting pot of gorgeous musical loop elements, crisp lo-fi hip hop drum beats, warm acoustic bass and re-sampled percussion plus all the one shot sample tools your sampler has been crying out for.

Classic Hip Hop Cuts

The nostalgic crackle of needle on wax. The accidental interference in a resampled drum. The rounded transient and extra punch as the sound begins to saturate. The warmth of a gorgeous vintage piano lick, recycled and looped into something new…

Intergalactic Robot Orchestra

Hurtling through space and time, transmitting supersonic beams of melody and wonky beats that will send you into Hyperdrive, Intergalactic Robot Orchestra weaves together futuristic Hip Hop science with twinkling rays of melodic frequency and deep space chord progressions.

Hashfinger’s Hot Boxed Beats

Hashfinger’s Hot Boxed BeatsBeat makers make way! Hashfinger is here to save the day. Hot Boxed Beats is a stunning collection of premium classic raw Hip Hop sample cuts, pre-loaded into your favourite sampler patch and ready for you to get busy with. Packed to the brim with hazy instrumental Hip Hop contraband, this stunning sample pack is a must have for the serious Hip Hop producer.

Edison’s Beat Tapes

Hip Hop producers unite! Edison’s Beat Tapes is an outrageous melting pot of classic Hip Hop beats, deep emotive sounds, fat analogue grooves and cinematic progressions that have been lovingly crafted by instrumental Hip Hop badman and master of controllerism, Edison.

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