Samplephonics Percussion Bundle Multiformat

Samplephonics Percussion Bundle Multiformat

Samplephonics Percussion Bundle
2.91 GB

This sample pack bundle includes a huge range of percussion instruments including conga Samples, tubas, shakers, one shot drums, hand percussion, electronic and processed perc sounds and world music percussion instruments.


The sheer range of sounds in this sample collection means that no genre has been left out. There is literally something for everyone, from producers of House, Techno, DnB and Dubstep to soundtrack composers and sound designers alike.


This comprehensive collection of percussion sample packs contains full versions of Afro-Tropical Percussion, Brazilian Percussion, Household Percussion, Brushed Grooves (wav format), Bongo Tech,Conga and Tumba Loops & Electroacoustic Shaker Percussion sample libraries, all in pristine 24 Bit Wav.

Afro-Tropical Percussion is an exotic collection of African and Caribbean infused percussion loops ready to spice up any recording, whether it’s House, Techno, Jungle, Afrobeat, Trap, Hip Hop or Funk and Soul! Lush shaker patterns, swung conga rhythms, live Reggaeton drums, processed technical drums and organic djembe solos all work together to create an exciting library of up beat grooves in tempos 95-128bpm.

Brazilian Percussion Loops is an epic sample library of 400 traditional live Brazilian drum and percussion loops, beautifully played and expertly recorded, full of energy, swing and movement, and ready to spice up any production or composition.

Household Percussion contains 1,110 samples of every day objects including saucepans, keys, kitchen utensils, zips, plastic, paper and more, perfect for creating unique percussion grooves, drum hits and textures as well as an extremely useful sound design and foley tool.

An exquisite selection of brushed drum loops and samples to download, presented in a custom Kontakt GUI complete with full multitrack mixer, convolution reverbs and drum bus effects.

Percussionist Gary Hammond returns for another stunning sample pack in our ‘Utility’ series, playing a truly impressive set of bongo rhythms in a variety of different styles. All the loops and samples have been meticulously recorded, processed and finalised in 24 Bit Wav, and come complete with close and room mic options for ultimate flexibility.

Conga and Tumba Loops is possibly the most useful and versatile percussion sample library you will ever own. Expertly played by gifted percussionist Gary Hammond, each WAV sample is presented separately as a close mic’d stereo file and a room mic stereo file enabling you to easily blend between the two for ultimate flexibility and control over the final sound.

Sprinkle some organic percussion magic onto your tracks with this vast collection of shaker loops and rhythmical elements. Created from live shaker percussion that has been sonically manipulated, this sound library features unique textures and rhythms, designed to breathe life to in the your productions.

Pack details:

Massive collection of one shot percussion samples
Includes 7 full sample packs
Over 60% off retail price
Broad range of instruments and styles
Multiple file formats and sampler instruments

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