ShamanStems Rave Stabs WAV

ShamanStems Rave Stabs WAV

Three decades since the Second Summer of Love was in full swing, ShamanStems pay homage to rave culture’s heritage with their throwback collection of classic stabs, crunchy chords, cheery pianos, dusty organs, paean choirs and crystallized pads gleaned from the legendary synths that defined an era.

Covering the movement’s development around its numerous nuclei around the globe, you’ll be able to discover the jaunty sounds of late 80’s US and UK Acid House, the chart topping Belgian hits of the early 90’s, the euphoric techno phenomenon spearheaded by Berlin’s Love Parade, the hoover-led Dutch dominators and the sped up sounds of breakbeat hardcore.

What’s in the collection:

  • Classic and Dusty – Dusty cut-up and layered melodic elements, grainy synths, processed chords, orchestral hits, amped guitars, sliced brass and bells galore. Inspired by UK and Belgian classics: 105 shots and 49 loops
  • Edgy and Tech – Pertaining to the razor-sharp warehouse sounds of the bustling German scene following the fall of the Berlin Wall : 114 shots and 35 loops
  • Light and Positive – All-smiles major chords fit for cheeky acid house or happy hardcore, get you looking like our beloved yellow mascot in no time: 55 shots and 34 loops
  • Hoovers – Roused-up and dominating, bred from the finest analog synths – popularized by New York and Dutch producers: 18 shots and 8 loops
  • Pianos – Anthemic piano hooks recorded from grainy romplers of the 80’s and 90’s: 28 shots and 17 loops
  • Organs – Soul tinged and hypnotic, with nods to Detroit and Chicago: 26 shots, 11 loops
  • Pads – Atmospheric adjuvants and dreamy textures, designed with vintage Japanese vector synths, suitable for warped out techno, proto-trance or jungle respites : 47 shots and 20 loops plus 5 gated pad loops
  • Choirs – Church-like oohs, aahs and robotic, cyborg-like chants: 24 shots and 12 loops
  • As bonus we are offering genuine acid shots and loops, from unprocessed to overdriven: 7 loops and 39 shots, plus 40 classic bass shots and 12 bass loops : subby, fm-ish, reesy and wonky.

Note: This samplepack only contains melodic elements. The drum loops, sfx and vocals in the demo are NOT present in the pack.


Demo Preview: