Sonic Academy Synthwave Sample Pack

Sonic Academy Synthwave Sample Pack

Sonic Academy Synthwave Sample Pack
Size 1.87 Gb

This is the big one, nearly a year in the making and made by some of the hottest talent on the scene.

Sonic Academy presents – ‘Synthwave Sample Pack’ An almighty 4GB of Arps, Bass, Drums, Pads, Vocals, MIDI files and 5 Massive Construction Kits.

This pack has been meticulously built from classic synths such as Jupiter 8, Juno 106, Arp Odyessy, Korg Polysix and of course three Mini Moog.

Drum loops and the single hits have been expertly recorded through UAD preamps from drum machines such as the TR – 707, TR 727, Linn Drum LM-1, Oberheim DMX, Yamaha RX21, and processed through AMS RMX-16, SSL Buss Comp, DBX 160, Lexicon 224 reverbs, and Ampex tape machines.

Sonic Academy assembled a team of Synthwave producers to make this pack the very best you can get. Just listen to the audio demos to understand the breadth and depth of the pack. Designed to allow mixing and matching of the folders so you can start producing and stop searching.

Drum loops, toppers, full beats, kits prebuilt for ESX24 and Ableton’s Live Drumracks. A huge array of arps in both solo and full musical formats, including their MIDI parts.

Also included are 5 inspirational construction kits, all broken down into stems, drones, pads and even a folder of vocoded vocals.

Synthwave Sample Pack Contents:

18 x Arp MIDI files
61 x Arps (Full / Solo)
38 x Basslines
58 x Beats
33 x Drones
41 x Pads
45 x Drum Toppers
49 x Vocoded Vocals

8 x EXS 24 / Ableton Live Drum Kits
9 x Drum Fills
112 x One Shots


Demo Preview:

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