Sonic Collective Bouzouki MULTIFORMAT

Sonic Collective Bouzouki MULTIFORMAT

The bouzouki is a greek string instrument related to the lute and reminiscent of a mandolin, but lower in pitch. Roy Kariok grew up in the Middle East, playing since he was a young boy and offers us a range of approaches to this string instrument, lesser known in the West and Far East.

Four-course bouzouki (tetrachords) features a unique tuning system across eight steel strings. A pair of higher-pitched strings are tuned to the same note while the lower pairs of strings are tuned an octave apart.

Sonic Collective is an eclectic label focused on real instrumentation and live performances. Featuring a wide range of genres and instrumentation, Sonic Collective connects musical styles from around the world through authentic, high-quality recordings available exclusively on Splice.


· 142 Loops
· 17 Chord One Shots
· 51 Octave One Shots
· 54 Single One Shots
· 1 Ableton Simpler Preset


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