Sound In HD Rhythm & Grooves WAV

Sound In HD Rhythm & Grooves WAV

Sound In HD Rhythm & Grooves WAV

Rhythm & Grooves is a huge construction kit geared for Hip Hop and similar styled producers to bring an Alternative, Experimental and Industrial effect to their music productions. This kit boasts 2 major sections – Loops and One Shots with many more sub sections inside each.

Best Uses:

  •  Adding real played rhythm to tracks
  •  Chopping, Stretching and Re-sampling
  •  Giving depth to production with grooves and riffs
  •  Bass and Chord Rhythms
  •  Hip Hop with Alternative or Live twists

The main loop folder contains 266 samples containing ambient, bass, drum, effect, guitar, synth loops and more.

16 Ambient soundscapes perfect for emotional backdrop and track depth. They are listed with the key of the notes/chord they were created in for easy transposing and inclusion in your music.

This folder is separated into Grooves and Riffs labeled with their key and original tempo. The loops are acidized which allows for ultra smooth sampling and stretching to fit any tempo. There are 31 total.

Grooves add rhythm to a track without worrying to hard about how it fits your melody. They follow a set rhythm that adds a live played bass effect to any track and easily transposes and pitch changes to your track key.

The drum loops folder contains 66 samples ranging from 70 to 140 bpm. They are broken down into breaks and regular construction loops. The breaks contain 1 bar beats in various styles of Up Beat, Hip Hop etc ending with 1 bar drum breaks. These are perfect for chopping into your own patterns and breaks.

40 total, this folder houses rhythmic effects with BPMs as well as sweeps, drops and more from guitar processing. This rhythmic effect is a perfect fit to add depth to transitioning through the start of the track.

Totaling 82 guitar loops total this section features Delayed, Rhythm, and Riffs folders. They are labeled with their Key and BPM. The Delayed folder contains melodic leads and harmonic grooves to build around. The Rhythm folder has distorted guitar rhythms perfect for chopping and adding certain moods to productions. The Riffs folder contains quick and fast guitar licks from distorted to clean leads.

This section features 26 synth samples from dusty old analog gear. They are labeled with Key and BPM. The synths do well as mood setters for an intro or break or to build around. Here I use a wobbly synth as a back drop behind my beat and guitars to set an anxious tone

One Shots
This section features 9 drum kits (used in the drum loops section) and more one shots from throughout the construction kit.

9 Drum Kits
142 total – these folders contain the one shot samples from the break drum loops. Featuring A & B bass drums, snares, hats, cymbals toms and more in each of the 9 kits. This provides for realistic rhythm creation when deviating away from loops.

11 total claps built from layers of various group claps, clicks and other sounds. All multiband and harmonically distorted for creative processing.

24 guitar and transitional effects for track depth, creativity and sound design post production. Make your tracks sound complete with the right effects in the right spots.

Sample Pack Specifications:

  •  File Types: WAV Files
  •  Total: 453 Samples & Loops
  •  License: 100% Royalty Free
  •  Size: 283MB
  •  Genres/Styles: Alternative, Hip Hop, Construction Kit, Loops, Guitar, Bass, Rock