Soundsmiths Towerz’ Lofi Picnic WAV

Soundsmiths Towerz’ Lofi Picnic WAV

Towerz is a producer and musician based out of Boston who focuses on the creation of warm and soothing music using ear candy and deep chords.

Towerz has been featured on labels like Chilled Cow, College Music, Sonder House, Effortless, Dreamhop, and a few others.

His latest sample pack entitled “lofi picnic” represents a host of soothing loops and one shots created in the “lofi” frame of mind. These samples can be represented by multiple genres, but seeks its focus in calming and naturalistic music.

He used several live instruments that were recorded in multiple locations including towerz’ home studio, outdoor locations, and even a large ambient church.

These sounds are meant to provide a soothing backbone to any tune, as well as create the sensation of ear candy for the listener.


Demo Preview: