Splice MUNA: World Saving Sample Pack WAV

Splice MUNA: World Saving Sample Pack WAV

Splice MUNA: World Saving Sample Pack WAV

MUNA is an LA-based dark electro-pop band consisting of Katie Gavin, Josette Maskin, and Naomi McPherson. Having met in college in 2013, their collaboration began on an experimental note and evolved toward hooky electronic pop. In the summer of 2014, they self-released their debut EP, More Perfect.

Its success led to RCA Records signing them in the US and Columbia Records in the UK. RCA released their self-produced EP, Loudspeaker in May 2016. Their debut full-length album, About U, was released in 2017 and their sophomore album, Saves the World in 2019.

NPR described their music as, “what pop might sound like if it was made by punks, and what relatability could feel like to people who have always felt different. It soars and sinks, questions and answers. Like the band who makes it, the music itself seems to find solidarity in difference.”

The magic of their productions lies in their collaborative process. They make sounds that are catchy while adding a dark, emotive quality that’s uniquely theirs.

Their unique ability to manipulate sounds into hooks, experiment on the go, and tap into their intuitive feelings when making decisions has captured the attention of many. And now you can use their custom sounds made just for this pack in your productions.


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