Splice Originals Air [WAV MIDI PRESETS]

Splice Originals Air [WAV MIDI PRESETS]

Splice Originals Air [WAV MIDI PRESETS]

When we make music, we weave patterns in the air around us. Pulsing along waves of molecules, we transmit a mysterious force that moves and inspires. With this pack, we asked: what is the musical essence of the air itself?

Here you’ll find a detailed set of one-shot samples made using compressed air and breath to shape textural and tonal sounds through glass, copper, bamboo, and various flutes. We also included drums and percussion made using various air-filled bags, balloons, and bubble wrap, all captured using Beyerdynamic microphones through Apogee converters.

To complement these sounds, we designed a new batch of Astra presets alongside MIDI and audio loops that explore the noisier side of ambient R&B, as well as a new set of Beatmaker presets. The 25 included compositions are complemented by electric guitar, voice, and manipulated re-samplings of our extensive in-house Splice multi-sampler instrument library.

Produced by Ben Bromley.

  •  238 Samples
  •  45 Presets
  •  30 MIDI

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