Splice Originals Corridors Hypnotic Acoustic [WAV MIDI PRESETS]

Splice Originals Corridors Hypnotic Acoustic

Splice Originals Corridors Hypnotic Acoustic [WAV MIDI PRESETS]

These hypnotic explorations of the acoustic guitar by Splice Originals producer Ben Bromley were inspired by the intersection of ambient pop and psychedelic folk, in the spirit of producers Bibio, TStewart, and Dustin Wong, as well as earlier folk-adjacent songwriter-guitarists John Martyn, Linda Perhacs, and Elliott Smith.

This pack includes a range of fingerpicked, strummed, and resampled styles on vintage instruments, primarily on two Japanese-made steel-string acoustic guitars in various tunings—a 1983 Yairi and a 1971 Yamaha, as well as a 1968 Gibson Nylon, a 1919 Gibson Mandolin, and a felt-hammered zither.

Ben built layered song starters using his voice, acoustic string instruments from Splice’s extensive in-house multi-sampler library, and a batch of new Astra presets using acoustic string samples, with complimentary MIDI and audio loops. Painting an etheric and glowing soundstage, these sounds were made to inspire you into new directions for your next beat, melody, or song.

This pack also includes a set of crisp tonal and percussive one-shot chords, notes, FX, and knocks, as well as resampled guitar sounds shaped into woody kicks, steely snares, 808-esque bass notes, and lush tonal hits.

All audio was recorded using an XY pair of Beyerdynamic small-diaphragm condensers and/or a Shure SM-7B into a UA Apollo x4. Frequencies were shaped using Ableton EQ and FabFilter ProQ3. Dynamic processing was done using Ableton Compressor, Glue Compressor and Drum Bus, UAD Fairchild 670 and LA-2A plugins, and Goodhertz Faraday Limiter. Textural processing was layered using Soundtoys Decapitator and Filterfreak, XLN Audio RC-20, Cymatics Origin, Valhalla SuperMassive, Ubermod, VintageDelay, and VintageVerb, and many instances of Goodhertz Tremcontrol.

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