Splice Electric Mantis Sample Pack WAV

Splice Electric Mantis Sample Pack WAV

Electric Mantis Sample Pack from Splice

This is a collection of my favorite sounds to use at the moment. I produce in Reason 6.5 which doesn’t allow 3rd party VST’s or plugins so, while I can’t provide the synths, I’m providing samples of the notes themselves which you can plug into any sampler in your DAW. I’m also including some patterns and loops which I expect you guys to chop up and mess around with however you want. Trust me, the magic happens when you combine, alter, and warp these.

Pack includes:

32 Loops

99 One Shots


– Bass Drums
– Cymbals
– Drum Fills
– Drum Loops
– Snares

EM_Synth notes (All C)
EM_Synth one shots
EM_Synth Patterns
EM_VOX one shots (All C)


Demo Preview: