Splice josh pan & Lil Hank – Man’s Best Friend Vol. 1 WAV

Splice josh pan & Lil Hank - Man's Best Friend Vol. 1 WAV

josh pan & Lil Hank – Man’s Best Friend Vol. 1 Sample Pack from Splice

Who is Lil Hank, the DJ world’s top dog? Although the mysterious canine wonder remains anonymous to the public eye, we’re proud to release the first-ever multi-species sample pack: “Man’s Best Friend”.

Lil Hank and his friend, Splice alum and sound designer extraordinaire Josh Pan have been hard at work programming percussion, digging up the back yard and designing synth patches for you to bite into.

Here’s Josh’s perspective on being a part of this pet-gate-breaking release:

“I never imagined creating music and samples with a dog would be so enjoyable.

Hank and I have known each other for a couple years now and our styles have both come to fruition through our time spent in the studio and with other artists in LA.

We hope that this pack gives people more ammunition to create fire tracks that both humans and animals can appreciate.” – josh pan

40 Loops

150 One Shots


Demo Preview: