StudioLinked Infiniti Player v1.1 WIN & MacOSX

StudioLinked Infiniti Player v1.1 VST AU AAX (WIN OSX)-DECiBEL

StudioLinked Infiniti Player v1.1 VST AU AAX
Size WIN/OSX 1.92 Gb/1.9 Gb

Infiniti Player is a powerful rompler Engine built for modern music production. Whether you create in a studio or on the go. InfinitiPlayer is always prepared to perform.

Its impressive builtin factory sound library contains over 500 multi sampled acoustic and synthesized instruments.


Unprecedented power, massive instrument library, plus deep editing capabilities. Equal an infinite amount of sound possibility.

Infiniti Player comes with advanced synthesis controls that are perfect for sound designers. Activate LFO, select Waveform and control its destination.
The Chord Section allows you to play any major, minor or diminished chord type. Music theory can some times be a challenge so we added controls to add a 7th, 9th or 11th to your chord structure. Infiniti Player has an advanced arpeggiator. With the first ever 3x up, up down & down up arp types.


Infiniti Player hosts a huge array of advanced controls & features. Builtin filters, studio effects, LFOs, Pitch Envelope, chord mode, an innovative arpeggiator, and more. Allow powerful, expressive sound shaping. Infiniti Player gives you access to an infinite amount of sound possibilities.


Quickly play complex chord types with the built-in chord mode. Select between major, minor, diminished and suss chord types. Then add a 6th, 7th, 9th or 11th to expand your chord.


Infiniti Player has a impressive built-in arpeggiator. Easily create complex sequences by dragging blocks up or down in the new pitch grid. Take your sequences to another level with the mode menu. You can select between up, down, up down, 3X up and more. Take full control over sequences with the 16 velocity knobs. This helps to customize the volume of each bar in the sequence .


The built-in library rack allows you to organize your sound libraries. Also, helps cutdown time spent on searching and navigating through folders to find the perfect instrument.


Control amazing, sampled instruments
Advanced Sound design options
Expand your sound with 3500+ instruments / 16+ GB..