Study Beats: Lo-Fi Hip Hop WAV

Study Beats: Lo-Fi Hip Hop WAV

Study Beats: Lo-Fi Hip Hop WAV

Get to work with our newest pack ‘Study Beats’.

A detailed Lo-Fi Hip Hop pack that transcends various BPMs, from uplifting swung beats, through to smooth downtempo, whilst maintaining a melancholic mood throughout.

Put your head down and explore ‘Study Beats’ to see for yourself.

Upon your first exploration through ‘Study Beats’, you will notice the encyclopaedic selection of music loops, from song starters, authentic vinyl cuts, bass’, chords, and melodics.

As with all Lo-Fi packs, the music loops are wonderfully organic, with an ample selection of dusty basslines, delicate arpeggiating guitars, crackly piano chords, and plenty more.

A library truly full of inspiration at every corner.

Whilst the music loops folder is an essential aspect of ‘Study Beats’, the drum folders are a key element of the pack.

Filled with over 40 drum loops and 120 drum hits, ‘Study Beats’ has everything to fulfil your Lo-Fi Hip Hop drum needs.

All the drum hits provided have plenty of variety in timbre whilst staying true to the sonic aesthetic of Lo-Fi.

To finalise your beat in true Lo-Fi fashion, get creative with the numerous SFX on offer, from birdsong through to gramophone crackles.

These foley infused atmospheres and soundbites with provide your productions with a heightened level of Lo-Fi authenticity.

‘Study Beats’ is an essential addition to any aspiring Lo-Fi Hip Hop producer looking to refresh their sample library with some of the most convincing Lo-Fi samples available.

This pack includes:

• 80 Drum hits
• 40 Drum loops
• 20 Bass loops
• 30 Chord loops
• 33 Melodic loops
• 24 Song Starters
• 15 Vinyl cuts
• 20 SFX


Demo Preview: