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Splice Explores Bugs WAV

Splice Explores Bugs WAV In his 2013 book Bug Music, Rothenberg wrote that insects “may have taught humans for centuries of the beauty inherent in rhythm and noise.” Use these sounds for your soundscapes, scores, experimental or electronic tracks—whatever these majestic sounds inspire you to [...]

Splice FJAAKs Nuggs Vol. 1 WAV

FJAAK’s Nuggs Vol. 1 presented by Resident Advisor Sample Pack from Splice FJAAK are Aaron Röbig and Felix Wagner, a Berlin duo that grew up playing live techno and became the young faces of the city’s techno scene. They were embraced in particular by Modeselektor, finding home on their labels [...]

Cruels: Sad Neon Sounds Sample Pack Vol. II WAV

Cruels: Sad Neon Sounds Sample Pack Vol. II WAV CRUELS is a future nu-90s house and R&B producer from San Francisco, CA. Born Giovanni Giusti, the CRUELS name was given to him by his uncle, an Italian farmer from the small village of Anchiano. His uncle often read the book Contes Cruels (Cruels [...]
Jafunk's Future Funk & Soul Vol.3

Jafunk’s Future Funk & Soul Vol.3

Jafunk’s Future Funk & Soul Vol.3 WAV PRESETS Jafunk is back with even funkier grooves, playful bass, soulful chords, and melodies that make you wish bell bottoms would make a(nother) comeback. FX loops feature funky wobbles, disco lasers, upbeat risers, and more. Drum loops range from grainy to [...]

Jafunk’s Future Funk & Soul Vol. 2

Jafunk’s Future Funk & Soul Vol. 2 WAV MIDI Jafunk is an Australian DJ and producer known for his soulful sound that has been featured on prominent YouTube channels such as Selected, Majestic Casual, and Fhinq Music. He returns for a second sample pack that boasts funky tonal loops that are [...]

Spinnin’ Sounds Trap/Future Bass Sample Pack

Spinnin’ Sounds Trap/Future Bass Sample Pack The legendary Spinnin Records delivers glitchy and thumping electronics inspired by bass and trap music. These electric sounds offer the builds and drops that’ll turn anything into a dancefloor. The number 1 dance label in the world, and a key player in [...]

Splice World Club Sounds by Henry Fong

World Club Sounds by Henry Fong (Wav & Serum Presets) Henry Fong’s volume two of sounds for Splice are designed for building bangers. Drawing inspiration from music and cultures across the globe, he’s worked in the sounds of Afrohouse, dancehall, moombahton, and house music. You’ll find loads of [...]

KRANE Samples Vol.7

KRANE Samples Vol.7 (Wav & Serum Presets) Krane continues to push boundaries in this seventh installment of his Splice sample packs. These sounds are bigger, brighter, and bouncier than before. With each release, Krane gathers feedback from producers and uses it to bring his sound design to a new [...]

Spinnin Sounds House Sample Pack

Spinnin Sounds House Sample Pack WAV MIDI Legendary Spinnin’ Records is always finding ways to innovate on house music sounds and this pack does not disappoint. Find the drum and FX one-shots and loops you need to craft a rhythm that will not just move people onto a dance floor, but take them on a [...]
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