TD Audio Psytrance Vocals Sample Pack WAV

TD Audio Psytrance Vocals Sample Pack WAV

TD Audio Psytrance Vocals Sample Pack WAV

TD Audio is back with another essential Psy-Trance production pack for serious producers looking for inspirational Vocals to use in their music tracks.

Wow, after the great response from TD Audio Psy-Trance we thought it was time to unleash a well needed Vocal pack to extend our new range of Psy-Trance sample packs.

TD Audio Psy-Trance Vocals is another special edition pack with our partners at Function Loops. This 2nd pack offers up an explosive selection of 3 great packs for vocal production. This sample pack was handpicked and is loaded up with vocals that will lift your next track to new heights. This TD Audio pack is Exclusive for only.

Psy-Trance offers a large selection of high quality 24 bit Audio that will work in any Daw. This collection includes over 1.5GB of Vocal content. The pack styles are very Cosmic, Tribal and Ethnic sounding. The samples from this great collection can be used in a multiple of styles. In total you are getting over 500 files in this one monster vocal collection.

This pack was designed towards Trance and Psy-Trance, but the content can be useful in any other genre like Ambient, Drum & Bass, Tribal, House, Techno and basically any other production that needs a tripped out hypnotic vocal.

Beach towels not included.

Please Note: This Product contains Vocal Samples only, other sounds in the Demo song are for illustration only.


100 Psy Vocals 138 Bpm
75 Gated Trance Vocals
75 Astral Gated Vocals
75 Astral Vocal Reverb Loops
75 75 Astral Vocal Delays
53 Tribal Vocals 130 Bpm
53 Tribal Vocals 140 Bpm
1 Bonus Vocal

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