Technicolor Pop Vocals WAV

Technicolor Pop Vocals WAV

We are proud to present Technicolor – Pop Vocals! This vocal pack goes above and beyond what is expected from a vocal pack, featuring multiple vocal talents (both male and female), and heaps of variety for inspiration! This pack is designed to be an essential vocal toolkit that you will keep coming back to again and again.

In the pack you’ll find over 60 phrases more than 40 ad libs, all delivered with energy, emotion and attitude. Drop them straight into your track to add that unique energy that only a vocal can deliver, or you’ll find them perfect for throwing into your sampler to create something completely new. Once you start chopping, re-pitching and getting creative with effects you will see just how much you can get out of this vocal phrases alone. All these samples are provided as dry for maximum flexibility, or wet – featuring carefully crafted reverbs and delays.

Speaking of chopping, the chops folder features over 20 cool, catchy chops, processed in a super-modern attention grabbing style, perfect for a range of style including, House, Future bass, Trap and more. The Vocoder folder, which uses the most cutting edge vocal effects, is the perfect place to find the sound that could make your next track stand out. Delve into the unmistakable sound of the vocoder and you might just find the starting point for your next track.

Last but not least, this pack features a varied selection of vocal one-shots, including single words, breaths, mouth clicks and atmospheric ad-libs. You’ll be sure to find something to make your track that little bit cooler!

Whats Inside:

48 x Dry Adlibs
40 x Wet Adlibs
23 x Chops
18 x One Shots
89 x Dry Phrases
89 x Wet Phrases
18 x Dry Vocoder
18 x Wet Vocoder


Demo Preview: