Mixtank.tv The Sound Of Helsloot TUTORIAL

The Sound Of Helsloot TUTORIAL

Mixtank.tv The Sound Of Helsloot TUTORIAL

In this exclusive entry in our ‘The Sound Of…’ series, Helsloot has created a comprehensive guide to the techniques you need to make powerful melodic techno and emotive progressive house.

Over the course of 131 minutes and 11 chapters, Helsloot covers everything you need to know from making beats, basslines and melodies, to synths, arrangement and mixdowns. It is an in-depth look at his entire production process which sees him deconstruct his recent single ‘When We Meet Again’ and will teach you essential skills to help you transform your sound, including:

  •  How to write breathtaking melodic techno and progressive house
  •  How to layer sounds to create a fuller and more complete production
  •  How to be creative with MIDI and write unconventional melodies
  •  How to master plugins like Xfer’s Cthulhu and Arturia’s Mini V3
  •  How to improve your workflow technique by making your DAW and plugins work for you

With 1.2 million monthly listeners on Spotify, Amsterdam-based producer Thomas Helsloot is making serious waves on the melodic techno and progressive house scene with releases on labels like Get Physical, Domino, This Never Happened and Astralwerks, and most notably ‘Because You Move Me’ – his game-changing collab with Tinlicker on Armada.


  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. When We Meet Again
  • 3. Making The Beats
  • 4. The Main Melody
  • 5. Creating The Bassline
  • 6. Synths & Melodies
  • 7. Creating Atmosphere
  • 8. Track Arrangement
  • 9. Adding Your Own Vocal
  • 10. Shortcuts For Short Edits
  • 11. Final Mix & Master