Theory of Music (Part-1) TUTORIAL

Theory of Music (Part-1) TUTORIAL

Theory of Music (Part-1) TUTORIAL

This video is a tutorial for the beginner music student.

Especially those who became music composers.

I focused on musical terms and basic content of melody writing.

How to compose and write tune on the stave.

How to start writing tune and how to use dynamics to make the sound more interesting.

I hope you will learn to write melody by the end of the lecture.

Who this course is for:

  • beginner musician
  • who want to became composer and music writer
  • musician
  • music student
  • learn music theory
  • who want to appear music grade exams

What you’ll learn

  1. About stave
  2. how to write clef, other name of clef.
  3. Note placements ( line and spaces).
  4. Key signature and time signature
  5. Notes value and rests.
  6. Scales, major ,minor, and harmonic minor
  7. Define sequence and ostinato
  8. Define syncopation
  9. Melody or tune composition and writing on the stave.
  10. Revise whole course
  11. Test questions.
  • need manuscript book
  • no previous musical knowledge is needed