TrakTrain Pinky Ring Sample Pack WAV

TrakTrain Pinky Ring Traktrain Sample Pack WAV

TrakTrain Pinky Ring Sample Pack WAV

Traktrain is happy to present the “Pinky Ring” Sample pack with 320 samples recorded by affiliated producers. It features chord and melody loops, 808 basslines, drum fills and one-shots, and some cool sound effects. In other words, a complete package for creating quality beats. Certainly, the included samples and loops are intended primarily for Trap, Phonk, and New School. However, a skilled producer would find a good use for them in any Hip-Hop type beat.

In this pack, you will find a huge array of sounds, timbres, and moods. First, ripping sliding sub-bass loops that will astound your listeners. Second, mesmerizing melodies and eerie chord progressions played on a variety of electronic instruments will hypnotize them and draw their attention. Third, the rattling drum grooves and fills introduce fresh new sounds and rhythms while keeping familiar patterns. Additionally, you can exercise your creativity using more than a hundred one-shot samples included in the pack. There is as much musical swag as one could take in in one go. So with this kit, you have a chance to flex your fresh beats just like you would flex with your pinky ring.

What’s inside?

30 Chord loops;
30 Melody loops;
60 Drum loops;
15 Drum fills;
30 808 Bass loops;
135 One-shots;
20 Effects.

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