TrakTrain Sample Packs Collection

TrakTrain Sample Packs Collection

TRAKTRAIN is an invitation-only site for buying, selling and leasing instrumentals. Our number one priority is to provide the best user experience to our members, which is why we take no fee from sales, and keep an invite-only structure.

This collection contains 33 sample packs:

TrakTrain – Rear View Mirror [50 Guitar Sample Pack]
TrakTrain – Plu2o [Traktrain Guitar Loop Kit]
TrakTrain – Black Sheep [Guitar Loop Kit]
TrakTrain – Paint it Black
TrakTrain – Twilight Years
TrakTrain – Dream Sum
TrakTrain – Glass Heart Sample Pack
TrakTrain – Skull and Bones Sample Pack
TrakTrain – Ghost Town [Traktrain Guitar Loop Kit]
TrakTrain – Jordon Lumley Osaka Nights Sample Pack
TrakTrain – Cyber Future [Loop Kit]
TrakTrain – Mind Games [Traktrain Guitar Loop Kit]
TrakTrain – I, promise [Traktrain Guitar Loop Kit]
TrakTrain – Lights Out
TrakTrain – Cutthroat [Loop Kit]
Traktrain – Flawless Drum Kit SLWDWN
TrakTrain – Sam Lang Vol. 1
TrakTrain – HEAVEN [Female Vocal Sample Pack]
TrakTrain – Summer Saturation Kit
TrakTrain – Reach Out [Loop Kit]
TrakTrain – Do Not Disturb [Guitar Loop Kit]
TrakTrain – Simulation
TrakTrain – Sleepwalking [Loop Kit]
TrakTrain – Skyline [Loop Kit]
TrakTrain – “1337” [Loop Kit]
TrakTrain – Jordon Lumley Death Wish [Drum Kit]
TrakTrain – Dropout [Guitar Loop Kit]
TrakTrain – Silent Hill [Loop Kit]
TrakTrain – Red Sun Guitar [Loop Kit]
TrakTrain – Digital Tears [Guitar Kit]
TrakTrain – 2Late4Me Part 2 [Guitar Loop Pack]
TrakTrain – 2late4me [Guitar Loop Kit]
TrakTrain – Bleech Stem Kit


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