PBB Tropical Tech Sample Pack WAV

PBB Tropical Tech Sample Pack WAV

PBB Tropical Tech Sample Pack WAV

‘Tropical Tech’ blends Latin and Caribbean rhythms with cutting-edge electronic production to create a treasure chest of booty-shaking, kick-free loops for the modern club fiesta! With the addition of a free bonus pack, this is an essential buy for producers seeking hot sun-kissed grooves.

Producers of House, Minimal, Tech and Deep House, UK Funky, Bassline and Garage will be equally enthralled by this collection of 360 pristine WAV loops developed using forward-thinking recording and processing techniques and edited to ensure utmost flexibilty for loop creation and combinations.

At your fingertips will be a seamless, interchangeable sound palette of hip-swaying Samba, Salsa, Soca and Baile Funk based rhythms, all at a multi-genre friendly 128BPM, inviting you to create literally thousands of rhythmic progressions with maximum simplicity.

Generate a pulsating spine for your track in seconds with two or three samples, or spend a few minutes layering and levelling loops to create intricate, multi-drummer rhythms with unique depth, clarity and sun-drenched tropical swing.

As well as the premium loop content, the collection also features a selection of single hits and one shot FX, including 200 acoustic hand-clap variations, perfect for making your claps really stand out from the crowd.

Plus an exclusive extra: (A bonus pack of 140 kick-free demo loops to showcase a fraction of the combination possibilites. ‘Tropical Tech’ fuses superior quality 24 Bit/44.1khz material with future-proof sound design concepts to deliver an easy-to-use and hugely effective groove library, guaranteed to set the dancefloor on fire.

Get ready to feel the heat, you are about to create the perfect tropical storm!

Tech Specs:

• 800 MB Content
• 24 Bit / 44.1 Khz
• 360 WAV Loops
• 440 Single Hits


• 25 Carnival Hand Claps
• 20 Clav and Wood Grooves
• 50 Morphed Percussions
• 45 Multi Drummers
• 40 Musica Elements
• 15 Samba Stomps
• 35 Shakes and Scrapes
• 20 Snares and Snaps
• 35 Tap Grooves
• 35 Tom and Deep Grooves
• 15 Underlay FX
• 20 Whoops Bells and Whistles


• 200 Acoustic Hand Clap Variations
• 100 General Percussion
• 10 Kicks
• 30 Shakes
• 20 Snares and Snaps
• 40 Toms
• 40 One Shot FX


• Bonus pack containing 140 demo combination WAV loops

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