Vicious Antelope 12 Gods: Ares [Omnisphere 2]

Vicious Antelope 12 Gods: Ares [Omnisphere 2]

Vicious Antelope 12 Gods: Ares [Omnisphere 2]

12 Gods: Ares is a 50 patches soundbank for Omnisphere 2 about the dark and shady god of war according to Greek Pantheon. The sounds are exploring the capabilities of this great synth to craft epic sounds with the use of Orchestral Soundsources as well as its own Oscillators.

There are 3 categories of patches:

  • Epic Orchestral – Sounds here are created with sample Soundsources
  • Epic Hybrid – Patches that also use Omnisphere’s synth Oscillators
  • Epic Percussions – Percussive elements with heavy cinematic flavors

This soundbank mainly fits to cinematic and game audio style productions. MW is assigned to a tube saturation unit to the common effect rack to give a bigger intensity at will.

All music in demo produced with this soundbank exclusively.

Patches were created with Omnisphere 2.8 and run better with this or newer edition

Software 2.8.3d
Soundsources v2.6.1c
Patches v2.8.1c

Product Details:

  •  50 Omnisphere 2 patches

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